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2020Honorary enterprise of the year

Taiwan taiwenjing Machinery Co.,


Could you give us a brief introduction of your company?

Win win for t-win (two-win) to continuously create value for customers
Taiwen t-win is an independent R & D and production manufacturer of linear guide rail and gear rack. Our company has set up a factory and R & D base in Wuri District, Taichung. In order to better serve customers, we built a new factory in Taiwan Industrial Park, Jiyang District, Jinan City, in 2019, with a total planning of 30000 square meters of factory buildings. The first phase of 9800 square meters has been completed and officially put into use in 2020. The company has a professional R & D team and a number of advanced production lines, and has obtained a number of invention patents, can provide a complete set of technical solutions. TSMC t-win series linear guide sliders and gear rack products have superior quality and high cost performance, occupying a large market share in the industry. The company adheres to the principle of focusing on precision drive positioning movement and being a reliable partner of customers. It has been focusing on the field of precision drive positioning movement for many years, accumulated a lot of experience, and has the ability to solve all kinds of problems of precision drive positioning. Now the company's products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, automation equipment, woodworking machinery, electronic equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical treatment, transportation and other industries. With excellent quality, the products have won the praise of customers.

What is the core competitiveness of an enterprise?

Focus on precise transmission positioning movement and be a reliable partner for customers

In the face of the current industry market, how should enterprises deal with it so as to keep a solid foothold?

Nowadays, with the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more enterprises fall into the whirlpool of fierce competition. Many non professional brands and manufacturers not only can't bring professional products and services, but also create various problems and difficulties, which increase the production cost of customers invisibly, and many businesses blindly join the price war and neglect the product quality. TSMC t-win is not satisfied with this, and insists on R & D and innovation. We always believe that quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise, and the guarantee of quality lies in advanced production equipment, testing instruments, perfect quality assurance management system and good human resources. Therefore, our company vigorously introduces the world's advanced production equipment, and the guide grinding machine adopts the most advanced three-way grinding equipment, which ensures the accuracy of the linear guide more greatly and is responsible for each batch of products and each user.

The table stable t-win series linear guide sliders adopt the design of four columns of circular arc contact. The steel ball contacts the sliders at an angle of 45 degrees between the sliders and the sliders, which can balance and offset the forces from the sliders in all directions. The load capacity in all directions is equal regardless of the angle device of the sliders. It is widely used in all kinds of mechanical manufacturing transmission positioning parts. Even if there is a certain deviation or combination error in the assembly track datum, it can be eliminated by the system itself, so the fast and precise linear motion can be obtained. TSMC t-win series linear guideway has been recognized by customers and market in the past ten years.

Advantages of table stable t-win series linear guide rail:

① . fast movement speed, 480m per minute without holding beads.

② . small friction coefficient and low resistance, which can meet the requirements of high speed and low noise operation.

③ . large rated load, uniform stress and large overall load.

④ . high stability, high speed and stable movement.

⑤ . easy to install, can be directly installed on the base, easy to operate.

⑥ . the slider dust-proof design can be used for one or two layers of dust-proof, with good dust-proof effect and long service life.

Our company has been committed to the R & D and production of transmission positioning parts for many years, and won the patents of linear slide rail and linear guide rail in 2016 and 2019 respectively. Our company insists on introducing and cultivating talents, tapping the potential of the company's employees, and sharing the development achievements with the employees to enhance the sense of collective honor. We are constantly developing innovation and technology improvement, constantly meeting the needs of customers and the industry, striving to be a reliable partner of customers.

The company has always advocated the market awareness of "service-oriented, user first", the business philosophy of "honest and trustworthy, one promise of gold", and the working style of "teamwork, diligence and pragmatism" to build a professional production and marketing integration team. The company not only has advanced production equipment and excellent technical R & D personnel to take charge of the company's design, production, R & D and manufacturing services, but also has a professional quality inspection and after-sales service team to more effectively meet the needs of every customer in the industry.

In recent years, our company has not only increased product research and development efforts, but also made great efforts in product publicity and channel development. The company's products have participated in many large-scale domestic exhibitions such as equipment exhibition, advertising exhibition, woodworking machinery exhibition and automation exhibition every year, greatly increasing the popularity of the enterprise. It has also increased online sales channels, with a number of dedicated domain names and product promotion platforms. TSMC t-win not only increases channel publicity, but also pays attention to the construction of user's public praise. It is more persuasive to implement the high quality of products.

Main products: linear guide, slider; gear rack.

In 2019, our company launched new linear guide rail, steel belt dust-proof linear guide rail, chain belt silent linear guide rail and other products.

Advantages of t-win series linear guide rail structure:

(1) The guide rail and the slide block do relative motion through the circular rolling of the steel ball. The end cover and lower seal at both ends can effectively prevent dust and other foreign matters from entering the slider. Through the oil nozzle, the steel ball can be lubricated circularly and conveniently.

(2) Four columns of circular arc contact are adopted, and the operation is stable. The contact angle of 45 ° can bear the common load in the four directions of up, down, left and right, and the bearing capacity can be changed by adding and subtracting the number of sliding blocks.

(3) The friction mode of linear guideway is rolling friction, the friction coefficient is reduced to 1 / 40 of the sliding track, and the difference between dynamic friction and static friction is very small, so the linear guideway has good follow-up performance, which is beneficial to improving the response speed and sensitivity of the CNC system, realizing gapless movement and high positioning accuracy.

(4) Due to the small friction resistance, the driving power and mechanical structure can be reduced, so that the equipment can be miniaturized, high-speed and low energy consumption.

TSMC t-win attaches great importance to every customer, one-to-one to solve any problems in driving positioning movement for customers, through professional services and careful communication, according to the needs of customers and the status of different equipment, put forward targeted solutions. Greatly promote the accuracy and automation of the equipment. With the stable t-win type all-round service plan, our company has not only occupied a large number of domestic market shares, but also opened up many overseas markets in Southeast Asia, India and Europe. TSMC t-win is willing to join hands with all partners to move towards a brilliant tomorrow.

6. Looking back on 2019, what achievements has the company made? What are the future development plans of the company?

Looking back on the development of TSW t-win in the past ten years, we have overcome one technical problem after another. From small enterprises to large-scale production, we can provide a variety of technical solutions for equipment transmission positioning movement. In the future development, we will take the domestic market as the foundation, stabilize the development, consolidate the domestic market, increase the sales continuously and steadily, develop the overseas market appropriately, and strive to stand firm in the development process of economic globalization.

At present, what are your company's main products? Have you launched any new products or carried out technical innovation this year? How does the company plan the product layout?

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