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  • T-WIN brings new products to participate SNEC 8th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference & Exhibition


    T-WIN brings new products to participate SNEC 8th (2023) International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Conference ExhibitionCo-organized by the Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC), Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), the Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center (SSTEC), and the Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA), the SNEC 8th (2023) I

  • What are the processing methods of gear rack?


    Gear rack is usually machined by cutting. The cutting method of gear teeth can be divided into profiling method and generating method.1. ProfilingThe profiling method is to use the disc milling cutter or finger milling cutter with the same shape as the gear tooth slot to process on the milling machine.2. FanchengfaThe generating method is also called generating method. It uses the meshing principle of gear to cut the tooth profile. This method has high precision in gear machining, and is the mai

  • Precision transmission rack positioning, two win ball guide slider bearing


    TSMC develops and produces precision linear guide rail, gear rack and ball screw, which can accept customized service. The products are processed in constant temperature workshop with high precision, fast operation speed and low product sound. In terms of brand building, we have made great efforts in product promotion and channel development. The company's products take part in many large-scale domestic exhibitions, such as equipment exhibition, advertising exhibition, woodworking machinery

  • Table stabilized precision machine with precision slide block positioning inclined rack to participate in CME Machine Tool Exhibition


    After five years of rapid development, CME China Machine Tool Exhibition has become an international machine tool exhibition certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), an international window for the development level and cutting-edge information of the global manufacturing industry, and a trading platform for purchasing the latest technology products of machine tool equipment in East China and the whole country.   in 2019, CME China machine tool exhibition

  • Table stable t-win linear guide, slide, gear and rack will participate in Jinan machine tool exhibition in June


    Exhibition introductionJnmte2020 Jinan machine tool exhibition will be held in Shandong International Exhibition Center from June 11 to 14.Last reviewThe last exhibition was held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 27 to 29, 2018, with an exhibition area of 40000 square meters and a total of 508 exhibitors. During the three-day exhibition period, it attracted 48919 professional visitors in total; more than 90% of the exhibitors obtained satisfactory exhibition resu

  • Which brand of precision guide rail is good? Stable quality


    As with other products, manufacturers will also consider brand factors when purchasing precision guide rail. After all, the product performance and after-sales service of big brands can be guaranteed, while small companies, although cheap, are prone to problems. The slightest deviation is fatal to the production of high-precision equipment. Which is the best brand of precision guide rail? TSMC t-win adheres to the focus on precision drive positioning movement, has many years of industry producti

  • Win (two win) creates win-win transmission quality


    Taiwan's t-win (two win) is a win-win situation, creating value for customers.T-win is a manufacturer that processes linear guide rail, slide block (complete models), gear rack (customized according to drawings). Our company's website information download area provides drawings of various models and formats for download. Here's why t-win is so invincible.1. In terms of brand building, the company participates in various types of industrial, machine tool, automation and other exhibiti

  • What is the cause of the gear rack error?


    As an important mechanical component in industrial production, gear rack is required to have high precision and performance. If a tiny deviation occurs, it will affect the quality of the product. But there are many uncertain factors in industrial production. What are the causes of the errors?There are many problems in the deviation of gear and rack, which can be found from the parts of rack mechanical equipment and processing environment.1. Tooth profile error of gear hobbing machineThe first ki

  • What are the characteristics of gear rack?


    Rack and pinion drive is suitable for large stroke, high precision and large torque drive. In CNC machine tools, automation is widely used. Compared with the belt drive and the trapezoid screw drive, what are the advantages? This paper makes a brief analysis. The precision characteristics of Taiwan t-win precision rack are compared with the traditional transmission methods.(1) As the rack profile is a straight line, each point on the profile has the same pressure angle, which is equal to the inc

  • Win win for t-win (two-win) to continuously create value for customers


    T-win (two-win) win-win, continuously create value for customers Taiwan Taiwen Precision Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiwen t-win) is a manufacturer of independent R D and production of linear slideways, gears and racks, with a factory and R D base in Taichung, Urumqi and Japan. In order to better serve customers, in 2019, a new factory was built in Taiwan Industrial Park, Jiyang District, Jinan City, with a total planning of 30000 square meters of plant, and the first phase

  • Do you know how to produce high precision rack and pinion


    In order to solve the problem of high machining cost of high precision rack with special tool and special machine tool, the universal angle head on CNC milling machine is used to improve the machining method, and the random measurement is carried out by using bar instead of sample plate in the process of machining, which effectively guarantees the machining accuracy of tooth profile and pitch. The rack produced by TSW t-win has high precision. The standard grinding precision can reach din6, and

  • How does the surface roughness of gear rack affect the performance?


    Relevant research and test data show that the surface roughness of gear rack affects the efficiency of components, not only increases the wear rate, but also has more or less influence on the following three aspects.1. The influence of friction loss and transfer efficiencyThe smaller the roughness, the smaller the friction loss and the smaller the power loss2. Impact on lubrication statusThe smaller the roughness is, the larger the oil film bearing capacity is, and the smaller the tooth surface

  • Problems faced by China's rack and pinion industry and its development trend in 2020


    In recent years, China's market demand for precision building materials components has been increasing. From the design, production, processing and production to form a complete industrial chain, more and more enterprises have entered this field to inject vitality into the prosperous market. It has changed the situation that our country has lagged far behind the western developed countries since the founding of the people's Republic of China. It is believed that stable development trend

  • 6 points for attention during the installation of gear rack


    The rack and pinion can not be installed blindly after production, but should be adjusted. First, check whether the gear and rack are assembled correctly. Then check whether the contact of the gear teeth deviates to one end. After operation, it needs constant debugging. Smooth operation. The third is to observe whether there is a proper side gap. Fourth, before operation, we need to lubricate the gear and rack. During installation, we can use small Ding to fix the rack. Next, Taiwan's t-win

  • Do you know what materials are needed to make gear rack?


    Gear rack belongs to mechanical equipment components, which plays an indispensable role in our industrial production field, mainly bearing external force and guidance. Taiwan t-win products have the advantages of high efficiency, accurate transmission ratio, large power range and so on! It's your reliable manufacturer. Let's take you to know the commonly used materials.The common materials of gear rack are forged steel, cast steel, cast iron, etc. Gear depends on structural dimension, ma

  • The manufacturer introduces the common faults and solutions of precision guide rail?


    If the precision guide rail is not maintained, it is easy to cause some faults, such as rust, looseness, fracture, scratch, etc. It will affect the quality of production and processing. So our factory lists some common faults here and introduces solutions. Hope to help you in the future!Fault 1: poor maintenanceThe usual maintenance work is not implemented. The sliding seat of the linear guide rail will dry or burn due to friction. It needs to be lubricated with lubricating oil to ensure its lon

  • Daily maintenance of precision guide rail


    First, pay attention to the following daily maintenance items when using the precision guide rail:1、 Keep the guide rail and its surrounding environment clean. Even if the invisible smile dust enters the guide rail, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rail.2、 The guide rail shall be carefully used and installed, and it is not allowed to punch strongly, hit the guide rail directly with hammer, and transfer the pressure through the rolling body.3、 Use proper and accurate

  • How to improve the stability of precision guide?


    Precision guide rail plays an indispensable role in factory processing and manufacturing. It is widely used in numerical control automation equipment. It is a high-precision transmission component. Some slight offset or jitter will cause adverse consequences to our production, so how to improve the stability of the guide rail? Please explain it to you below.Through the selection of steel balls, the super size steel balls are installed between the guide rails to increase the movement resistance o


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