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Stable precision machinewww.t-win.comParameter analysis of precision positioning slant rack

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At present, our company has complete models of new linear guide rail, gear rack (rack can be customized, gear can provide drawings or can be customized as din5 precision gear according to drawing requirements)

Cooperation with the manufacturer can save the intermediate cost and can produce and order according to the requirements. The products are large, the construction period is short and the quality is guaranteed. We look forward to your visit to our factory and discuss cooperation. We will sincerely serve you.

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1. Definition:

It can be divided into positioning rack and transmission rack (we mainly sell positioning rack). Positioning rack generally has high precision and can be precisely positioned. Transmission rack generally has low precision and is only used for the place where the transmission function is not high.

2. Classification:

It can be divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. The advantages of helical teeth are smooth walking, large transmission torque, which is 2.5-3 times larger than that of straight teeth without increasing module. From the processing technology of fine milling, gear shaping, grinding; heat treatment process normalizing, tempering, high-frequency quenching. Material: generally, 45 steel is used, and 42 chrome molybdenum can be used for those with higher requirements.

3. Application industry:

Large stroke gantry machining center, optical fiber cutting machine, numerical control woodworking machining center (carving machine, numerical control drill, electronic saw), automatic production line, truss, ground rail robot, and some linear motion industries that are not suitable for using lead screw transmission. Our company is mainly engaged in small and medium-sized positioning rack, with modulus between 1.25-4, mainly facing woodworking industry, optical fiber cutting industry, automation, ground rail and other industries.

4. Advantages analysis of gear rack:

Rack precision is high, standard grinding precision can reach din6, straightness is within 0.03.

The product is made of 45 steel with high rack hardness and special material. The product has high corrosion resistance.

The helical rack has high torque and higher output power.

The gear can be customized according to the drawing, and also can provide technical drawing support.

5. Product example explanation:

Gear code example:

1.25m28 tooth length 32 inner diameter 17 key 5 left

(1.25m, number of teeth 28, length 32mm, inner hole diameter 17mm, key width 5mm, left-hand gear)

Example of gear shaft Code:

1.25m20 tooth 97L left

(1.25m, number of teeth 20, length 97mm, left-hand gear shaft)

Note: the gear shaft and gear are customized according to the customer's requirements or drawings. The right-hand rack is matched with the left-hand gear or gear shaft.


Stable precision machinewww.t-win.comAnalysis of product parameters of precision positioning inclined rack:

  • Rack accuracy


  • accuracy


  • Rack mounting and fixing

    Rack can provide reverse gauge installation and connection

  • Packaging and delivery

    Unified use of wooden case for shipment

  • Rack hardness


  • Gear material

    40CR/20Chromium manganese titanium/42铬钼

  • Tooth surface machining

    Grinding and finishing

  • Tooth type

    Straight tooth, oblique tooth

  • Hardness treatment

    Quenching, modulation, non heat treatment

  • length

    Interceptable or butt joint length

  • texture of material


  • Place of Origin


  • product type

    Positioning rack, precision gear

  • category

    Precision drive positioning components

  • Scope of application

    General for equipment drive positioning部位

  • appearance

    Rack, planetary gear, customizable,研磨齿条,淬火齿条,精铣齿条

  • purpose

    Common to drive components

  • weight

    Standard positioning rack

  • Hardness of tooth surface


  • Tooth line shape

    Helical rack, helical gear

  • Gear position

    Internal and external gears

  • brand

    Stable stageT-WIN

  • model

    Rack module complete, gear can

  • customized

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