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Production line of four row ball slide table stable t-win precise linear guide

TSMC t-win is an independent R & D and manufacturer of linear slide rail and gear rack. It has a factory and R & D base in Wuri District, Taichung. In order to better serve customers, in 2019, a new factory was built in Taiwan Industrial Park, Jiyang District, Jinan City, with a total planning of 30000 square meters of plant, and the first phase of 9800 square meters has been completed. Officially put into use in 2020. The company pays attention to product research and development, and has achieved many success in research and development. At the same time, products can be customized for different customer groups to meet different customer needs, so as to achieve high-precision, high-speed and worry free operation. The new factory introduces 6-meter three-way grinding machine, and adopts advanced production technology and detection method and produces in constant temperature workshop, so as to ensure that each product can meet the needs of customers.

In terms of brand building, the company participates in various types of industrial, machine tool, automation and other exhibitions every year, which greatly increases the popularity of the enterprise, also increases the online sales channels, has a number of special domain names and product promotion platforms, and combines all-round online and offline marketing to bring stable t-win high-quality quality quality, making stable t-win brand gradually win customer trust.

In terms of production, TSMC t-win keeps its original intention of providing customers with high-quality products, increases investment in innovation, R & D and production, and knows that quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise. The quality assurance lies in advanced production equipment, production environment, testing instruments, perfect quality assurance management system and good human resources. The constant temperature environment of TSMC t-win ensures that the temperature changes within 1 ℃ within 24 hours.

In the aspect of R & D, Taiwan R & D team of TSMC t-win has developed in Taiwan factory, small batch trial production, all indicators meet the design requirements, and then copied to the mainland factory, ensuring the product stability and sustainability. In order to ensure that TSB t-win products are always full of vitality, TSB t-win launched the second generation of standard linear slide in 2019, and developed the steel belt dust-proof linear slide for industries with high dust-proof requirements, and the chain belt silent linear slide and micro slide in 2020

Small linear slide will be launched.

The advantages and precision parameters of the original t-win linear guideway assembled with double dust-proof ball slider lhh15 low assembled linear guideway product:

Fast running speed, more than 500m per minute without holding beads

The product has good dustproof performance. The guide rail can be made of steel belt. The surface of the guide rail is laid with a layer of stainless steel belt, which can achieve the advantages of corrosion prevention and good wear resistance. The stable sliding block has excellent dust-proof effect and can be used in the operation of sawdust and dust environment. According to different requirements, it can also be used for single and double-layer dustproof.

Long service life, special processing technology, high initial accuracy and fast operation speed. The other major feature is long operation life, which is closely related to its unique structural design.

The product has high hardness, strong load capacity and wide application range.

Low running sound is a product characteristic of stable linear guide rail.

Processing factory production customization, quality assurance, choose us is the choice of rest assured.

Linear guide accuracy analysis:

Comparison table of accuracy grade of linear guide rail
Accuracy classμm
Combination height h and W2
Maximum deviation between H and W2 on each slide of the same guide rail
Travel parallelism of slide block relative to guide rail p
Existing H-class p-class precision of table stable linear guide

1. Under the action of preload, the ball contacts at two points in the direction of load. Because the micro slip is very small, the ball can move smoothly.

2. Since the radius of curvature of the guide rail is 52-53%, it can bear large rated load.

3. Because of the sufficient preload, the four column arc contact structure provides a strong rigidity.

4. This kind of circular arc contact has the property of adjusting the center, which can ensure the accuracy and rigidity of the ball when the ball has elastic deformation, and obtain smooth movement.

The increase of the parallelism deviation between the two guide rails will increase the rolling resistance of the slider and affect its service performance and life. During installation, the parallelism shall be controlled within the allowable deviation without any impact.

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