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Daily maintenance of precision guide rail

First, pay attention to the following daily maintenance items when using the precision guide rail:

1、 Keep the guide rail and its surrounding environment clean. Even if the invisible smile dust enters the guide rail, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rail.

2、 The guide rail shall be carefully used and installed, and it is not allowed to punch strongly, hit the guide rail directly with hammer, and transfer the pressure through the rolling body.

3、 Use proper and accurate installation tools for guide rail, try to use special tools, and try to avoid using cloth, short fiber and other things.

4、 To prevent the corrosion of the guide rail, when the silver guide rail is directly taken by hand, the sweat on the hand shall be fully washed away, and the operation shall be carried out after the high-quality mineral oil is applied, especially in rainy season and summer.

Maintenance of precision guide rail lubricating oil

Precision guide rail belongs to precision transmission device and must be lubricated. If it is used in the unlubricated state, the rolling must be lubricated properly. In addition, due to the small oil demand and long oil replenishing period of linear rolling guide (the oil replenishing period is usually the running distance is more than 100km), there is no problem of heat generation of guide rail under normal speed, so it is not necessary to force oil supply. Lithium soap grease No. 2 is usually used, and lubricating oil with high viscosity is used in the day.

Linear guide rail sometimes has water contact, such as lathe and machining center. Water often splashes on the guide rail. If the water separation performance of guide rail oil is poor, it will be decomposed by water. If the oil drops into cutting fluid, it will cause cutting fluid pollution. Therefore, the water separation performance of guide rail is very important. Some of the rougher machines have large guide rails with simple structure and pit points. They are designed to be lubricated with lubricating grease, and most of them are extruded by hand with grease gun. All grease is required to be EP EP extreme pressure type, otherwise, the residual grease on the guide rail cannot bear heavy load after being extruded.

Lubrication and maintenance: grease lubrication has the sealing method of filling grease in the sealed guide rail in advance, as well as the filling and supplying method of filling grease with appropriate amount of grease in the shell and replenishing or replacing at intervals. In addition, for machines with multiple guide rails to be lubricated, a centralized grease supply mode is also adopted, in which pipes are connected to each lubrication point. Grease lubrication can be used for a long time after filling grease, and the structure of its sealing device is simple, so it is widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple. Regular lubrication can greatly improve the service life of the guide rail.

Importance of maintaining silver Guide

Maintenance purpose: the purpose of guide rail maintenance is mainly to reduce running wear. Therefore, effective lubrication and maintenance of daily sanitation are particularly important.

The sliding seat does not contact the guide rail directly, and the ball is sealed in the groove between the sliding seat and the guide rail. When the linear guideway works, the ball rolls in the groove between the sliding seat and the guideway. The friction of the guideway is completely the friction between the ball and the sliding seat and the groove of the guideway. So the lubrication of the guide rail is actually the lubrication between the ball and the groove. The end of the linear guide rail is provided with an oil filling nozzle, and the grease can be injected into the inner part of the guide rail and the lead screw by using a grease gun.

Lubrication and maintenance procedures of precision guide rail:

1. Carefully wipe the grease on the surface of the silver guide rail, especially the grease in the groove; pay attention to the grease in the installation hole of the guide rail of the mounter.

2. Use the grease gun nozzle to add oil to the transmission cavity until the dirty oil is completely squeezed out. Remove the waste oil that has been extruded.

3. Use your fingers to apply a little grease on the surface of the guide rail, and give priority to the groove.

4. Push the sliding seat back and forth several times to ensure that the oil film is even.

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