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Problems faced by China's rack and pinion industry and its development trend in 2020

In recent years, China's market demand for precision building materials components has been increasing. From the design, production, processing and production to form a complete industrial chain, more and more enterprises have entered this field to inject vitality into the prosperous market. It has changed the situation that our country has lagged far behind the western developed countries since the founding of the people's Republic of China. It is believed that stable development trend will be maintained in the new 2020.


Gear industry is the basic industry of China's equipment manufacturing industry. It has high industrial relevance, strong employment and intensive technical capital, which is an important guarantee for the equipment manufacturing industry to achieve industrial upgrading and technological progress. After nearly 30 years of development, China's gear industry has fully integrated into the world's supporting system and formed a complete industrial system; it has historically realized the transformation from low-end to middle-end, and the gear technology system and gear technology standard system have basically formed; Automobile, construction machinery, motorcycle, wind power, high-speed train and other industries are the driving force for the development of China's gear industry, and the scale of gear and rack industry continues to expand.

In 2017, the market output value of China's gear industry was 236 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. In 2018, the output value of gear products is expected to reach 260 billion yuan, accounting for 61% of the total output value of general mechanical parts. But there are some problems behind this. China's high-end gears still need a large number of imports, and only a few of them have reached the international advanced level. Because the high-end gear depends on import, the import and export trade deficit is large. Power density, reliability, life and noise are still far behind the international advanced level.

Main problems faced by domestic rack and pinion industry

① In the aspect of gear design, the research and application of gear tooth modification are insufficient.

Transmission error is the main cause of vibration and noise of gear transmission system. In engineering, gear modification can be used to improve the force on the tooth surface and reduce the transmission error fluctuation, so as to make the vibration and noise of the transmission system. Therefore, the study of the mapping relationship between tooth modification parameters and transmission error fluctuation of gear pair is of great theoretical and engineering significance for guiding gear modification and improving transmission performance.

② The development and application of the simulation software for gear box are lagging behind, and the software is heavily dependent on imports.

③ Problems in gear steel

Gear steel requires high strength, toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance. In order to produce high-quality gear steel: - the steel plant is required to provide gear steel products with stable hardenability and suitable for the technological requirements of users. On the other hand, it is also necessary to optimize the existing technology and introduce new technology to improve the quality of steel.

There are problems in the control of gear surface integrity.

There is no contradiction between the surface integrity manufacturing and the forming manufacturing. The forming manufacturing is the shape manufacturing, which is the previous process of the surface integrity. The surface integrity manufacturing is the performance manufacturing, which is the improvement and guarantee of the surface performance based on the forming manufacturing. Therefore, while maintaining some cost advantages, the variable speed gear industry must rely on new advantages such as technological progress, quality improvement and product cost performance to expand exports. The basic force to promote technological progress, innovation and development of the industry is irreversible. It is expected that the whole industry will achieve stable development with an average annual growth rate of about 30% in the process of transformation and upgrading. In addition to the surface hardening to improve the hardness and strength of the surface layer, the surface hardening treatment is often followed by shot peening, rolling and laser shock strengthening to introduce residual compressive stress to improve the residual stress state in the surface layer and further improve the service life of the gear.

Gear reducer boosts the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry

As a part of the National Precision Industry, TSMC t-win has the responsibility and courage to take on the construction of a huge reducer industry in China. We will be in line with the market consciousness of "customer first", the business philosophy of "honesty and trustworthiness, one promise of money", adhere to the work style of "teamwork, diligence and pragmatism", and strive to have better performance in the future time, and more efficient service to meet the needs of the industry! To make their own contribution to China's precision industry.

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