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Win (two win) creates win-win transmission quality

Taiwan's t-win (two win) is a win-win situation, creating value for customers.

T-win is a manufacturer that processes linear guide rail, slide block (complete models), gear rack (customized according to drawings). Our company's website information download area provides drawings of various models and formats for download. Here's why t-win is so invincible.

1. In terms of brand building, the company participates in various types of industrial, machine tool, automation and other exhibitions every year, which greatly increases the popularity of the enterprise, also increases the online sales channels, has a number of special domain names and product promotion platforms, and combines all-round online and offline marketing to bring stable t-win high-quality quality, so that stable t-win brand gradually wins customer trust.

2. In terms of production, TSMC t-win has the same original intention to provide customers with high-quality products, increasing innovation, R & D and production investment, knowing that quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, and the quality assurance lies in advanced production equipment, production environment, testing instruments, perfect quality assurance management system and good human resources. The constant temperature environment of TSMC t-win ensures that the temperature changes within 1 ℃ within 24 hours.

3. In terms of R & D, the Taiwan R & D team of TSMC t-win developed in Taiwan's factory and conducted small batch trial production. All indicators met the design requirements, and then copied to the mainland factory, ensuring product stability and sustainability. In order to ensure that TSB t-win products have always been full of vitality, TSB t-win launched the second generation standard linear slide in 2019, and developed the steel belt dust-proof linear slide for industries with high dust-proof requirements. In 2020, the chain belt silent linear slide and micro linear slide will be launched on the market.

4. In terms of sales, TSMC t-win adheres to the principle of service-oriented and customer-centered. Only by winning the trust of customers can we achieve win-win results. TSMC t-win attaches great importance to every customer, one-to-one for customers to solve any problems in the drive positioning movement, according to the needs of customers and the status of different equipment, put forward targeted solutions, "focus on precision drive positioning movement, be a reliable partner for customers", which reflects TSMC t-win's focus on products and responsibility for customers. At the same time, we have a professional after-sales service team, more efficient service to every customer.

TSMC focuses on the field of precision transmission, which can solve all kinds of transmission problems.

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