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Which brand of precision guide rail is good? Stable quality

As with other products, manufacturers will also consider brand factors when purchasing precision guide rail. After all, the product performance and after-sales service of big brands can be guaranteed, while small companies, although cheap, are prone to problems. The slightest deviation is fatal to the production of high-precision equipment. Which is the best brand of precision guide rail? TSMC t-win adheres to the focus on precision drive positioning movement, has many years of industry production experience, and provides services to all regions of the country. Its business fields involve machinery, electronics, medical treatment, transportation, etc. it wins the favor of the majority of users with high-quality products and affordable prices. Your trust is our power source, we will offer you more and better products!


Different brands of guide rail have different precision. For example, in the machine tool industry, because of the high precision of the workpiece processed, the precision linear guide rail of class H or above is generally selected, while in the automation industry, it is generally only needed to play a driving role, and the precision requirements are not high, generally n-class (ordinary class) is the most commonly used. In order to improve the accuracy of the guide rail, we need to pay more attention to the daily dedusting work.

1. Prevent dust and sundries from accumulating on the guide rail surface. The protective cover can be used to seal the whole linear guide rail, which can play a significant role in the workshop environment.

2. Seal the end cover and the negative film to prevent dust and sundries from entering the slider. In order to improve the dust-proof ability, the sealing gasket and cleaning ring made of special synthetic rubber with high ZD wear resistance are equipped in each linear motion system.

3. In each linear guide rail system, there are sealing gasket made of special synthetic rubber with high wear resistance, as well as (laminated contact scraper, etc.) and cleaning ring and other accessories.

4. When chips or foreign matters are generated in the slide rail, most of them will be eliminated by dust prevention at the slide seat end, and a few will accumulate in the slide rail countersunk hole. The purpose of the slide rail hole plug is to cover the countersunk hole and prevent foreign matters from entering.

The above content is a complete introduction of "which is the best brand of precision guide rail". I believe you have a deeper understanding of our Taiwan t-win. We hope you can put down your concerns and choose us, let us help your enterprise, and your recognition is our goal.

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