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Precision transmission rack positioning, two win ball guide slider bearing

Time:2020-06-03     Author:台稳T-WIN【Original】

TSMC develops and produces precision linear guide rail, gear rack and ball screw, which can accept customized service. The products are processed in constant temperature workshop with high precision, fast operation speed and low product sound. In terms of brand building, we have made great efforts in product promotion and channel development. The company's products take part in many large-scale domestic exhibitions, such as equipment exhibition, advertising exhibition, woodworking machinery exhibition, automation exhibition, etc. every year, which greatly increases the popularity of the enterprise, also increases the online sales channels, and has a number of special domain names and product promotion platforms. TSMC t-win has always believed that it is more persuasive to implement the quality of the products, which makes TSMC t-win successful Opened the domestic market.

The combination of strong competitiveness and all aspects of online marketing makes TSMC t-win occupy a place in the industry step by step. The strong strength is the secret of TSMC t-win to win customers.

Nowadays, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many non professional brands and manufacturers not only can not bring professional products and services, but also create various problems and difficulties, which increase the production cost of customers invisibly, and many businesses blindly join the price war and ignore the product quality. How to take the lead in the competitive market? T-win firmly believes that insisting on R & D and innovation is the king, quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, and the quality assurance lies in the advanced production equipment, testing instruments, perfect quality assurance management system and good human resources. TSMC t-win has advanced production equipment, excellent technical R & D personnel to take charge of the company's design, production, R & D and manufacturing services, as well as a professional quality inspection and after-sales service team to more effectively meet the needs of every customer in the industry. 

There are various models of linear guide and slider PDF / 3D / CAD drawings available for download.

Expert in the field of precise transmission positioning and leader in the field of product service.

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Different processing and production modes, different product quality.

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