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  • What are the differences between linear guide and linear axis?


    The linear axis is a kind of mechanical component which is widely used to guide the linear motion. The common types of shafts are crankshaft, straight shaft and flexible shaft. It is used for infinite stroke and cylindrical shaft. Because the bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft, the service load is small. The steel ball rotates with very little friction resistance, so that it can achieve high precision and stable movement. The linear axis is widely used in electronic equipment, tensi

  • Why does linear guide need lubrication?


    When the linear guide rail is used, lubricating oil needs to be added to maintain the high efficiency of the equipment operation, reduce the loss caused by friction, reduce the equipment stop frequency caused by maintenance, and improve the production efficiency.Lubrication requirements for linear guide(1) Make the guide rail work as close as possible to the state of liquid friction to reduce friction resistance, reduce driving power and improve efficiency.(2) Reduce the wear of guide rail and p

  • T-win focuses on the major adjustment of the linear guide rack Market in 2020


    Taiwan Taiwen Precision Machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiwen t-win) is a manufacturer of independent R D and production of linear slideways, gears and racks, with a factory and R D base in Taichung, Urumqi and Japan. In order to better serve customers, in 2019, a new factory was built in Taiwan Industrial Park, Jiyang District, Jinan City, with a total planning of 30000 square meters of plant, and the first phase of 9800 square meters has been completed. Officially put into use

  • Is the linear guideway the same as the linear guideway? See the manufacturer's introduction


    In our business for many years, we found an interesting phenomenon. Many friends confused the linear guide rail with the linear guide rail. They thought it was the same product, even the same price. Yes, both the linear guide rail and the linear slide rail are an original part of the machine, bearing a certain load, and achieving high-precision movement under the condition of high load. But there are some differences between the linear guide rail and the linear slide rail. Please see the manufac

  • Taiwan stable t-win guide rail rack participated in 19 Shenzhen Dawan District Industrial Exposition


    The exhibition area of the Expo is 160000 square meters, with 7 theme exhibition areas and 11 theme pavilions. It is estimated that more than 1600 enterprises will compete at the same stage, bringing together the famous brand veterans and leading soldiers in the industrial chain such as the world's top high-precision production machinery and equipment, industrial automation, intelligent factory solutions, artificial intelligent robots, 3D printing, mold processing and plastic machinery and e

  • Focus on precise transmission positioning movement to be a reliable partner for customers


    In terms of brand building, the company participates in various types of industrial, machine tool, automation and other exhibitions every year, which greatly increases the popularity of the enterprise, also increases the online sales channels, has a number of special domain names and product promotion platforms, and combines all-round online and offline marketing to bring stable t-win high-quality quality quality, making stable t-win brand gradually win customer trust.In terms of production, TSM

  • New ranking of rack and pinion brand: stable t-win


    At present, various types of gear brands emerge in endlessly in the market. As a long-standing and experienced manufacturer, TSW t-win gear rack brand products have high precision, standard grinding precision can reach din6 level, and straightness is within 0.03. The product is made of 45 steel with high rack hardness and special material. The product has high corrosion resistance. The helical rack has high torque and higher output power. In addition, we can customize according to the gear drawi

  • Six characteristics of table stable t-win precision guide rail


    TSMC t-win is an independent R D and production of precision guide. TSMC t-win has accumulated a lot of experience in the field of precision drive positioning movement for many years, and has the ability to solve all kinds of problems in precision drive positioning. The precision guide rail produced has 1. Fast movement speed, light and fast. 2. Low friction resistance, low friction coefficient and low sound. 3. The rated load is large, the stress is uniform, and the overall load is large. 4. T

  • What is the reason for the noise of precision guide rail? How to solve it?


    Precision guide rail is a kind of high-precision instrument component, which plays an irreplaceable role in our factory production, but some problems will inevitably occur in the work, such as noise is a common one. It is a reminder to us of components, which means there are problems in some aspects. According to the industry experience and knowledge of our manufacturers for many years, when the guide rail is installed, due to the imprecise drilling, the guide rail has been slightly deformed whe

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